AP State FiberNet Limited (APSFL) has been incorporated under the Companies Act ,2013 in the month of October,2015. It is a fully owned entity of the Government of AP under the control of Energy, Infrastructure & Investment (E,I&I) Department. This Corporation is responsible for undertaking the works of AP Fibergrid , its operations & maintenance and business activities duly partnering with various stakeholders for the benefit of all.

The vision of AP Fiber Grid is as follows:

AP Fiber Grid Vision:

” To establish a highly scalable network infrastructure, accessible on a nondiscriminatory basis, to provide on demand, affordable and end-to-end broadband connectivity of 15 Mbps for ALL households and 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps for institutions & Offices by 2018, to enable realization of the Vision of Digital AP, in partnership with the Government of India and the private sector.”

AP Fiber Grid is the means through which the vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister to make available highly qualitative and affordable digital services(data, voice and video etc..) to households, Government Offices and private agencies on demand in the State of AP This endeavour can truly turn the State of AP as Digital AP in the direction of realising the dream of Digital India. APSFL aims to promote Digital inclusiveness by providing affordable, high-speed broadband connectivity to households, deepening the reach of Internet in the rural areas. It throws up immense possibilities for enhancing the quality of life of the people. The services from AP Fibergrid system can effectively be utilised in education, health, agriculture and allied sectors and also open up new vistas in e-governance and enables delivering citizen-centric services in an efficient and transparent way .

AP Fibergrid Phase-II:

To create a robust and highly reliable optical fiber network infrastructure in the State, it is planned to set up an underground fiber network also under Phase-II of AP Fiber Grid Project in due course, after completing the aerial network. These two networks i.e. aerial and underground will be complementary and will support each other establishing an extremely dependable network infrastructure that can be utilised in various sectors and all Mission critical areas towards realization of the vision of Digital Andhra Pradesh.

Summary of AP Fibergrid Phase-I Scope

  • Setting up State-Wide High-Speed, optical fiber infrastructure leveraging the existing assets of the electricity transmission/distribution companies such as electric poles/substations etc.
  • Establishing a scalable infrastructure and network with a business model of Infrastructure as a service(IAAS) and Platform as a service(PAAS) on a non-discriminatory basis to ISPs, TSPs, MSOs and content providers etc with their services being extended to the last mile user through PoPs at around 2449 substations and further utilizing the existing LCO network wherever available.
  • Developing sustainable business models for last-mile operators, and also providing institutional ecosystem with a platform for delivering products and services.
  • Providing ‘On-Demand’ bandwidth of 10 – 15 Mbps for households and 100Mbps-1 Gbps for Government or private agencies at an affordable price on demand.
  • Developing a technology ecosystem, conducive of integration with potential national level initiatives such as the Bharat Broadband and existing initiatives such as the State Wide Area Network and AP Fiber Grid Phase-II.

Architecture of AP Fiber Grid


Innovative Business Model for Phase-1:

AP Fiber Grid plans to build a unique business model that provides a platform for the last mile operators, so that they can offer services to the customers at a scale and price that is in line with the vision of the State Government. AP Fiber Grid will build and operate various components including a Service Operations Center, Network Operations Center as well as the Aerial Fiber Network and also a component connecting this network to the nearest PoP provided.

Details of the components are:

1. Service Operations Center : A Service Operations Centre that will allow potential service providers,. who could offer digital services (video, data, voice etc.) that could be provisioned through the Aerial Fiber network. This Centre will allow access to the assets to the service providers for a fee.
2. Network Operations Center: The network operations center will have assets that are capable of transmitting select services and monitoring the operations of the state wide aerial network
3. Network: An aerial network leveraging electricity assets to provide various services including bulk /wholesale bandwidth services on a non-discriminatory basis to all interested, including Telecom Services Providers, Government Ministries, Multi System Operators, Local Cable Operators, Internet Services Providers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and other related services providers.
4. LastMile: PoPs will be created that will allow horizontal connectivity to the various last mile providers, whocan in turn leverage their networks to provide services to the end consumers in the state.
5. Customer: The entire investment in the aerial fibergrid aims at providing services to end customers in the state, whereby they have the liberty to choose the service provider that will give them services through the last mile operator, who is only a facilitator of the required services.

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Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited, APSFL is a PSU 100% owned by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The corporation has been established primarily to undertake the works of AP Fibregrid.

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