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      Commander, so there is nothing worthy of his fear, but these people should Natures Viagra New Release be afraid of awe.It turns out that because the emperor is coming, the people in Quanzhou Prefecture are even more excited, because they already knew that the emperor

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      s heart is now the world, and they are kind to the people, and now they bring the people.Emperor Jianwen, Zhu Yunwen gave everyone a chance, and also tried to make everyone able to win the final victory under fair competition, so in these years, it is precisely because they all understand this reason, so that more things become and before As simple Make Your Penis Huge as that.If they didn t come together with the imperial court, it means that they must have a problem here.Don t look at it as a strategic offensive, but our actual situation You are all aware of the situation.

      In the past, they have also seen big men come to Quanzhou, but like the emperor, there are countless convoys in front of them, Z Vital Store and there are countless soldiers guarding them around for the first time, so more and more people feel the value coming out today.The navy is now contacting the major lands outside, and the court is indeed special.Many of them knew this story, and even the story of the storyteller was always circulated in the teahouse.He has done a lot of things, and also helped the court do a lot of things, that is to say, he has merit in this matter, but this still cannot cover up the evils he has done.

      Since everyone has this idea, it will naturally bring different things, and they also want to be more simple during the collision of thoughts.Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen naturally wants to cherish it, so he

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      has been preparing for it.After all, it is the confidant of Tong Jun, the navy s governor, so this time it is still soybeans.Take the nose, because once he loses someone else, his mouth will soon be taken in by other people.

      Several other

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      Shang Shu immediately thought of this scene, because since it is the court center, it is impossible to only have the function of deliberation, but also must have other departments to help reference and communicate, which means that the entire building The layout must be very large, and it can even be said that under certain circumstances, he must also be a huge consortium of various departments.The fact that the Daming Empire can get to the present stage does not mean that Solving Sexual Troubles everyone thinks this way, but as long as they can stand in this position, there are many They know more or less what they need and what they need to do, and in some cases they know what they want to do in the next moment.It is because of this that more people are required to make a unified arrangement for these things.Some of these people still know some things, not to mention to the emperor Jianyun Zhu Wenwen As long as it is slightly different from what is in this era, it is basically related to indulgence.

      Not avoiding him means that these things are very normal now, and they also know how to face the Daming Empire.After all, the Navy has a lot of power, which may cause Jin Yiwei some trouble.Fortunately, no one seemed to pay attention to him, and no one else came to him in the past two days.The court knows Natures Viagra New Release these and so allows them more often Doing such a thing is also the main reason why the officials of the Ming dynasty are so free now, and they even have their own set of things to do in certain things, because they know in their hearts that they have done good work and done wrong, not only There will be big mistakes in the past, but doing wrong means accumulating experience and preparing for the next success.

      He knew that the other party s time could not be delayed, but his time was not very precious.There is so much between them, if some things are done, they are done well, if Best For Men they are not done, they are not done well, how they do it in the next days, and how they should do it, it is up to them Judging by yourself, this is the status quo.This is known to countless Z Vital Store people, but more people have fallen down in the pursuit of their goals.Whether they knew or didn t know before, now they also guess that Xiaojun mainly gave birth to Fang Zhongyu, and adults must have children.

      Now they must consider these, Natures Viagra New Release otherwise, if there is a problem, it will eventually appear.Because of this, the emperor realized that perhaps it was time to make some changes and concessions, and this happened later.Fang Zhongyu is getting miserable with Xiaojun, the children s clothes in the family have been filled with a whole house, and there are many small toys beside him.If they did this time, what would happen in the future Z Vital Store It is not unreasonable to worry about the Crown Prince.

      After all, those soldiers are still in the army and it is impossible to do such things.Just now your elder brother came over and told you a lot about things like this.For more people, they may not be able to tell the difference at all, but there is one thing they know, that is, all these things require people and need more Many people need more things, and these things will eventually affect themselves, which means that at this moment the empire is very hopeful that more people will accept this matter.The current status of the entire empire is consistent with what they know before.

      The empire was so big that not everyone could see any one place, nor could it see all aspects of local affairs.The minister will improve the navy system as soon as possible, so that the court Make Your Penis Huge can get a relatively stable reply without affecting it.In the same way, everything the Daming Empire knew from the beginning, and now they need everything is no longer easy.From this perspective, What the imperial court had done before went far beyond what they could understand.

      After all, most of the governors Tong Jun and even the shipyard director, and Mr.Wang Yuchen is more or less depressed, but in the end he chose to accept it, If this matter is really as they say, it can be consumed in a large amount, then it is also very helpful for them.The reason and the governor Tong Jun said Almost, that is the existence of the navy, an army different from the army, as long as the Central Plains dynasty will rely on its existence, and even let it exist forever, there will be no problems, but the navy is different, if the court Unwilling to pay for the expenses of Haidan s navy support, they will try to guess the naval department.In the eyes of many people, the young Fang Zhongyu now looks very sunny.

      Now Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen has left Quanzhou House, and the people are saying goodbye.They may just die in a corner like that, or go to a place that can never change their destiny because of certain things, so More things really depend on God s will.Since some things are doomed, then we have no way Going to escape again, now we must continue to do more things through such things, so your Highness, you don t have to persuade me, as to where to go, I haven t figured it out yet, but it must not be too comfortable for the navy and navy.They also know that Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen is about to arrive today, so they are very excited.

      How he should do it is also what he can fully understand now, on the one hand.Under normal circumstances, they don t have such a bold idea, even if there is Nor will it be proposed in public places like the court, at least to discuss with others to see if they can get a good result, and then throw it out, but this time they throw it out so urgently, Either they really thought about it, or there was something that forced them to make this matter clear in such a short time.If something went wrong, Jin Yiwei would definitely not be able to protect those people at that time, so they had to be cautious on this alone.From the beginning, the Daming Empire knew exactly what kind of state they can do.

      The emperor must have read more books than them, and it can even be said that the emperor knows more knowledge than they do, but if you don t give the emperor time and just get some such knowledge, the emperor can t tell what the hell is.

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