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      He has said these things many times, but no matter whether it is true or not, he has to say it because there are really too many people.One person, one person, one product, one by Zheng Zhouzhu,

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      and right clan, one person, one person, one product, one by Zheng Chu, Zhu Zhen.A Liang, with his men, came It is Xu Huizu, the grandfather of the country, to see the Governor.Since it is an enemy and cannot be assimilated or reasoned, there is only one way to go, so he did not feel anything wrong with the killing of his subordinates Maybe in the past, he would have been intolerant to killing people in the environment of the 21st century because of higher education, but after coming here, he will find that just like, if he does not do it, if he just loses It is Zhongyu, he believes that the other party will not let them go, since it is already a dead enemy, then there is no need to keep his hand, the killing still has to kill After a while, a guard, came forward and reported A total of 18 enemies from adults, all of them give the first.Zhong Yu knew very well that no matter how long the war was going to continue, he must help the court to speed up the war.This is his life, which is simple and fulfilling, although he also has dreams.But if, Yan Wang Zhu Di, really, If he wins, he can t even imagine, will he let himself go Emperor Jian Jian did not have much confidence in this matter.

      Young man, learn something, first, oh, don t look at you All of them are disguised and made up of five people and six people, but even if you have changed your original appearance, as long as you are knowledgeable, you can see at a glance that most of your beards are fake, and you , What a ghost thing on his face, even at night, I saw the reflection of the thing at a glance.Seeing the performance of the prince, this thing still seems to be true.They are persuading Yan Wang Zhu Di, although he does not know what his elder brother prepared for his father, but he knows that it must be an escape Sildenafil Pills Valid and updated Super Hard Pills path.The two did not look at each other, but huddled together, holding the thing, and looked at it with relish.At the time when the eldest brother, the second brother and the third brother had already passed away, he should be the most qualified to be an emperor, but in the end, the emperor Taizuo Gao passed the throne to his majesty today.The Triumphant News, the Imperial Army, annihilating Yan Extra Natura Wang Zhu Di s rebels, the Extra Natura Yan King Zhu Di, surrendered.

      After all, the opinions of the sons of the first emperor are more than that of many people.Looking at the twists and turns on the ground of Zhong For Males Yu, Emperor Jian was bored for a while.What I m doing is still rough, but compared to the previous image only maps, this is already very fine, very fine.Perhaps no one thought that this war would be like this, but now that the situation is like this, he just wants to save more lives.When the cold weapons are anxious, it makes people panic when they look at it.It is because of this that the policies they formulate do not take into account the life and death of the people, or perhaps they want to do good things, but because they have not grown up in that environment at all, so their policies are more or less taken for granted.

      So what they passed on was basically sugar and dominated,

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      at least they had been hoping for the court, and the other party could finally deal with it.Daming Jiangshan is a mountain of the Zhu family, a mountain passed down by Emperor Taizu Gao, Unexpectedly, this is now the situation.Now they have one more worry, that is, the war between the court and Yan Wang.Beiping City is not a small city, but it is not a complete military town.But apart from the name, his position, his rank, For Males his life, what he did, where he went last, there is no introduction, that is to say, all this has returned to the original point, and there is no way to know.Fang Xiaoru, see your majesty, long live, long Viagra Pills for Men live, long live, long live.

      At least, he had heard of this man when he was acting silly and stunned.They have Sildenafil Pills Valid and updated Super Hard Pills been homesick for so long, but they are all homesick, but the good guys are ambitious, and some things still have to be done by themselves.After entering the palace, he knew that the Emperor Jian, who was about his age, told him about this matter.Let them say that admiration is impossible, at least on the surface, they will not be soft.Chapter 0461 The army that escaped the court

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      with its tail continually recovering the lost ground.That person can do the same, and he also heard that what Fang Zhongyu is doing in Beijing, food, and in his view, these are not things that Confucian children should do.

      He had to step forward and pulled his head, suggesting that he shouldn t mess around.Master came out, let s go and ask about the situation as soon as possible.Zhong Yu watched Sildenafil Pills Valid and updated Super Hard Pills him finish these things in the back, but did not stand up and send him.Zhong Yu looked at those who felt that the effect was not very good, so he shook his head.They need to calm down this thing quickly, so today s command is to kill.He is notoriously Wen Ya, and now he speaks and rebukes us for a few words.

      These are not military orders, because Mei Shima, after all, has no other right to bypass the Ministry of Forces and the Metropolitan Government and give them orders.As long as they still have the strength, they will chase and kill them all the time.This house is not particularly good, but at least people can live because they are made of clay bricks very early.By the way, he really wanted to go out with Zhongyu, and stay with his son, who can learn and learn something, why not do it.Why can Yan Wang gather a large number of people and get up with him to rebel The reason is also very simple, that is, this rebellion can help him get more things.They made it difficult to parry, and even had some thoughts of surrender.

      Although Zhu Zhanji was established as the crown prince, he had been aware of his restless generation, so he had repeated words of exhortation.Daming warriors should not die in the civil war, they should die on the battlefield of the charge, the battlefield against foreign enemies.So what s the use of doing this, is it really forcing them to rebel They all know how much Sildenafil Pills Valid and updated Super Hard Pills the rebellion has affected.Are there any such people under Uncle Four I don t understand the rules at all.If Zhongyu is a native Ming Ming, he might be very strange, It may even be associated with ghosts and gods, but he comes from later generations, so you can still accept these things.They couldn t attack the court horses, but the artillery fire of the court horses hit them tremendously.

      Well Curious why don t you ask What do you mean, curious if you still Don t ask, don t follow the rules, this kid, am I already old and out of this era.Zhong Yu only glanced at them, and he bowed his head to sleep, he believed that the people under his control would do it.Chapter 0430 People who lead soldiers to Extra Natura fight at this time, at this time, the arrow has to be sent on the string, the battle between the Ming Dynasty and the Yan King, no matter what, there needs to be a result, and this result is one side wins and one side loses.This team of cavalry was ordered to burn the official grain and grass near Xuzhou, but due to the tight defense, they had not succeeded.The hall was very quiet, Fang Zhongyu saw it from the moment he entered the door Wang Yan, who was above him, was on that one, on the throne, watching, and coming in through the gate, Fang Zhongyu.They can Extra Natura only help King Yan to stabilize the rear around Shizi tightly, and let King Yan fight in the frontline in a hurry, and strive to win the final victory, otherwise, For Males it is their wish to help These things said, after the defeat, there is only one way to death.

      This one must be the little prince, yes, the prince is, Fang Zhongyu, I don t know the prince, do you have anything to tell the prince Oh, no.

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