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      It is Pills Sexual for this reason that the court has surrounded them more and more seriously, and at this time, the people have also experienced the suffering.Time, after a while, in the big account, the lights have been lit up, and they haven t enjoyed the discussion they have been discussing for so long.If he said that those things were taught by him, there is a big loophole.The soldiers have followed the instructions and surrounded the Yan Wang Mansion.The man known as San Ye waved his hand, stopped his questioning, and saluted King Jin.

      Chapter 0511 The Most Ruthless Emperor s Family In the temporary Chinese military account in Peiping City, the generals surrounded Fang Zhongyu and watched as he wrote something on the table.In their memory, only when the emperor Taizu dealt with those honors, there was such a 70% discount scene, killing, deterring, this is what they do, that is, because of this, they have to fight their minds, panic, and themselves Think about the situation, that s how you can protect yourself.Most of the time, there is now such a situation, and he is also very uncomfortable, but he must make it clear.Those people must be very depressed now, because they will find it different from their imagination.

      The Han and Nan people must be tattooed, while the Mongolian and Semen people do not.Okay Now that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the situation, let me talk about our mission this time.Although he was the commander of the imperial army, there were some rules to be guarded.Although their people were carefully selected at the beginning, the people who do things under their hands still have to rely on themselves to develop.

      It was used at the most critical moment, but he didn t think of the most critical moment.Those who are on the front line, you, the commanders, will also make the key figures among them.Moreover, after all, Zhong Pills Sexual Yu came from later generations, and he didn t even disdain such accusations.After all, his idea is already effective in their opinion, but I am afraid it will be counterproductive if it is done too quickly.

      What should I do Jin Fan cannot participate in this matter, not to mention, Li Dianli told him that King Jin may have to go

      to Wai Fan.There may be a gap between the temporary transfer and the original military households, and they will also choose those who are idle in the society or children of farmers.Zhong Yu was a respectful salute, But the wearer, the armor, naturally travels in the army.They believed that as long as Zhu Di was still in sight, as long as he kept fighting, he would lead them and finish this unfinished business.

      Chapter 0383 seems to have played a fire ah everything has a development law of everything, and there is also a degree, if it exceeds this degree, then this thing deviates from the normal trajectory, or even break the rules , And then all of this has become an alternative thing, and this is just unacceptable, but they do exist.Many cities have also been recovered, and the places occupied by them before are now vacated.In each battle, there were successes and failures, and just a while ago, they even hit Fengyang Mansion and were about to approach the Beijing division.Just say what the master said Chapter 0457 Throwing heads The Penis Male Enlargement Pump Instructions For Males and sprinkling blood are not easy for people in this world.

      It s just because Jinyiwei is now seriously injured, and, to continue to add personnel, the following people are asking them whether to add personnel Give them what they mean, not enough.Although now, the court is very tight on us, but as long as we respond appropriately, It s still possible to Pills Sexual leave.Since you have to have a sincerity to talk, you, all of you covering your face, then it is not interesting, the mask is taken off, we have to talk to the face to talk, pretending to be a ghost during the day.Naturally, they all knew that this matter must be continued, and it must be constantly improved, even with the greatest sincerity to cooperate with King Jin to do this thing well, the court is to let them help, otherwise it will not do it now.

      They all turned over and dismounted, led the horses into the woods, and found a shade to sit and rest.They don t understand Dadaoli, but they know that if Wang Yan did not rebel, these people would not die, this war would not last so long, and would not cause such great harm to the ruling Da Ming court.At this time, it must be impossible to do anything fake by looking at him anxiously.Okay, back off Concubine Mei Yin and his entourage, looking at this huge Yan Wang Mansion, do not know what they are thinking, maybe everyone has their own different ideas Chapter 0500 bitter mouthed mother persuaded the army to surrender to the court, stopped the attack.

      They have basically exercised in local areas, so it is a piece of cake to take over the cities that have been recaptured from the rebels.It s just that they didn t seem to think that after they left, someone quietly followed them, not far nor close.Except Zhong Yu, who were present, the other three Yan Wang Zhu Di, Yan Wang Shizi Zhu Gaochi, butler Zhu Shun, did not find that the monk Yao Guangxiao was so determined, just like that, where he was killed, on the pillar in the hall.But fortunately, this old husband didn t say anything particularly inappropriate, and in the end Pills Sexual he also said ah to support the court, so it was For Males quite in line with the public s ideas.

      Just ask him what he wants, how to deal with it, the four kings, Shuyan and Wang Di.He could see at a glance that these people were basically certain, that is, Yan Ni s people, there were no black people in that night, black clothes with umbrellas people.In the past, Wang Yan was in a good mood, but during this time, the monk said that it seems to have lost control.What s your The Penis Male Enlargement Pump Instructions name Liu Ying asked, looking at the first man who surrendered and called the third.

      If you fall down, won t more people lose their confidence, then we can really be over.After all, unlike other people, he took a long time to reach the power center.They wouldn t make a Penis Enlargement 10% discount joke about Jin Wang s reputation, but now this thing, if it is released, is definitely a bad thing, but unexpectedly Jin Wang didn t care about it, thinking that he was meaningless.There are many princes in the capital and princes outside, not necessarily looking for you.

      The generals knelt down to listen to the imperial edict, although they also felt a little inappropriate, after all, this imperial edict It was written in front of them, and it was written by Fang Zhongyu.If they want to change, they Pills Sexual have to do more things, which is also impossible.Speak Brother Si, what are the requirements, despite the fact that as long as I can do it, as long as I can get more soldiers to return home as soon as possible, I will try my best to find out.They also have a soldier and horse, depending on how much they can play Now they have no time to worry about the situation on For Males the other side of Peiping City.

      The spy spontaneously gave them hope, and now it is just to ask for peace and comfort.It would For Males be easier said than done, but harder to make, but now the corpse lying there used his own life to see this promise.There is a distance from Nancheng Gate to Yan Wang Mansion, but Yan Wang Zhu Di has walked a long, long time.Chapter 0386 secretly poisonous snakes spit their tongues in front of the luxurious Jin Wang Mansion, there was a guard who stopped a person, but this person, he was brutal, he didn t seem to expect this to happen.

      If there is a financial dispute in the future, that will be considered in the future.No one cares, no one thinks what will happen to them This is the cruelty of war.Some things still require them to do it themselves, otherwise, others can t do it well.Sometimes he even wondered, is that position really so important for the fourth brother For that position, he did

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      not hesitate to throw the entire country into turmoil.

      Originally, Xu Huizu, the Wei Guogong, wanted to stop it, but when he saw that no one else had spoken, especially the concubine Ma Yin and Jin Jin Zhu Jixuan, he did not say anything, and he chose to give up.

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