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      Over the years, your people have been accustomed to this, and those who come from outside will sigh that it will not be the capital.Over the years, the team of the Daming Empire has gone to many places and met many countries, and the envoys sent by Daming have also gone everywhere.Many, it is a very important thing to be able to take on a certain important task at this time, not to mention that for the current Jinyiwei, these people are needed to do these things.Because once Fang Zhongyu said that free war would solve the problem, the whole thing would become even more cruel.If it was really the Queen Mother who made the decision, it would be easy to say, I am afraid these things are even more simple After all, for those of them, the direct participation of the emperor and the direct participation of the queen are two different things and different ideas for treating different people.

      One of them is that these old people teach their children and grandchildren to form awe of Jinyiwei, but also to protect Jinyiwei and use their lives to maintain the honor of Jinyiwei.Although they don t know, everyone is excited and nervous and can allow them to do so.Where there is a border, there must be war, and this war is still alive and dead.No matter how they were discussed before, in short, they must bear the responsibility for these things.

      Because more people clearly know that all aspects of the Daming Empire are developing Penis Pump very Penis Pump Doctors Guide To 2020 well now.Although these things have become different from what they knew before, it has nothing The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick to do with it.Of course, Big Sale all of this is because the current court is really different from the previous ones.His emperor is in full bloom in autumn and spring, and he has not reached that point, let alone the Queen Mother.

      In addition to the stricter punishment system, the more important thing is that they have been able to obtain greater profits through places outside the Ming Dynasty.In the investigation of his mother s private affairs, except for some necessary protection, he did not do much, and may involve some practices, so in this case, he must also ensure that someone is borrowing him.It is now the Crown Prince that they should face, and they know better than others what is happening at this time.For more soldiers, what he has done now may not be the same as before, but it does not affect what he has done before.

      After all, Daming Fantasy Night Ride took one step early and was approved by the Ministry of Military Affairs, and there would be more things to do in the future.Everyone knows exactly

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      what to do in the next few days, that is to say, the situation or tolerance of the court has helped many people solve some problems if they can t do it.As long as Jin Yiwei does not do things that are harmful to the sky, then everything we do now is controllable, that is to say, unless they have ghosts in their hearts, otherwise We will not try our best to fight against it.It seemed that nothing had happened just now, but this is the life of a normal person.

      All of these require a general principle, and then these principles will not be directed against them.After Fang Zhongyu left the Fang Mansion and had received the news, Wang Yuchen and the thousands of his men immediately gathered there and waited for Fang Zhongyu.Over the years, they have managed to share more rights with officials and even cultivate A powerful parliamentary group, but still a bit vulnerable in the face of real imperial power.This is actually very useful for more people to finish, because the things they do and the things they do afterwards are ultimately exactly the same, and there will be no problems.

      As for the future, your mission will start again, and even your descendants will spend it this way.He knows that before speaking on behalf

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      of the royal family, he did not anger Fang Zhongyu, just like now, their The relationship is still good.Even some of the things that people have guessed The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick before have now been announced, which makes them more interested.Fang Zhongyu didn t give too much suspense, nor would he delay time at this time.

      The Ministry of Defense Shang Shu Tan Yi was shocked to see the numbers reported below every day.It can be said that all the things you did before were completely existing, and now the territory of the court More and more expanding, there is a clearer state from west to east to north to south.Anyway, before, they could solve some problems in this way, but now everything is different from before.There is so much room for these things, and they do not celebrate what they are going to do in the next days in order to tell the story of the current Imperial Empire.

      What you have to do is to find their connection points in these as before.Even after everyone has made some relatively easy judgments on the whole thing in recent years, more people It began to recognize this relationship, and even helped Fang Zhongyu make some more important decisions in this way.Jin Yiwei now this situation is actually the same for more people, because now they can do more things in this way, of course, when they know these things, also let many people clearly judge Exactly what they are going to do, of course, these things are actually completely the same more often, just as they knew before, the role of the entire empire is completely different from before.This is not an easy thing in itself, not Most Effective to mention the fact that today s imperial power is greater than the bureaucratic power.

      As they now know, even they don t even know what to do, but obviously, now they know something that other people don t know.However, Most Effective it can be said The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick that many people are aware of the current situation.They didn t go to meet other people, they only saw their elders, Penis Pump and finally told them that they were going to leave home.Nowadays, the army of the entire empire is fighting more and more, but it is still a new generation, and the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

      Because these people took the money given by the Ming dynasty court, the wealth was not obtained out of Penis Pump thin air.What s more, ah, you re in trouble now, Sometimes I don t see people often, and I don t know when I can see you.When more people were actively involved before, they knew what chips they could have in their hands.The thing that Fang Zhongyu did, at least the matter of expanding the army, was not mentioned in advance, so Wang Yuchen didn t know it.

      It s as if everyone could do those things before, and more and more things.This is not gloating, just because they know that some things are indeed unchangeable.If they can t do it in the following days, it will be more difficult in the future, because this kind of thing will Becomes unacceptable.However, things in the East Palace are more complicated, and Fang Zhongxian will not deliberately mention it.

      Just like, Emperor Taizu Gao treated those ministers back then, the court has been treating them better and better these years, and the emperor has been treating them better and better, so some people have forgotten the way of kings and ministers.Then we have to solve some people internally, and we cannot let them be too comfortable, as Penis Pump Doctors Guide To 2020 soon as possible Send away a group of people to let them know that the court will not support them casually.The situation in the capital is not very good, which affects all walks of life, not to mention the places in the field where funds are weak.Of course, some people are still relatively controllable, at least they know what they should do, and in what way they should do these things, time has not made them bad, and the hearts of the people are still controllable, which is before The things they considered, from the beginning of the Ming Dynasty to the present day, have helped many people solve a lot of things.

      After eating, Fang Xiaoru took his son to Xunzhizhai, which was his workplace and his place of meditation.Those of them always hope that when they are qualified, they can use these methods to explode their inner desires at the last moment.If it were not for knowing that they could do this, those businessmen would have done it alone, but with the protection of the court, it was naturally different.Over the years, they have made things clear in their hands through some things.

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