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      Kang Shi listened to Fang Zhongyu s words, but he didn t really feel much.At this time, the sweat on his forehead was down, and it didn t look like a fake.So the following people and those little officials will support these imperial history.In that case, let this thing go like this, naturally someone will do it, he vaguely feels that someone is taking the next banner, as to what the banner will be, it has nothing to do with him, next They do it themselves.This era has changed, we should go out and take a look, maybe this time I should also leave Shandong, the general manager should go out to look at it, my old bone, I can t really die here, I don t know What will you do when you go to Beijing Normal University, but maybe it will be better if you let go.

      His start was too high, so under certain circumstances, he may not even realize how the title of their family came, or even why he would marry the princess, it is unclear.Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen knew that these people existed, and he had met those young people before, knowing what the new generation of young people in the Ming Empire really thought, and when he fully followed Fang Zhong s suggestions, it would not change.Someone just reported that she also saw it, so she must know that something happened.You can guess, you can let Jin Yiwei did not notify you of the news, but only informed someone to come, but the news I got here was that Fang Zhongyu came in person.

      When certain things are no longer done in the name The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick of the court, then they will think more thoroughly.If you can t let your father come to see us after three days, Penis Bloodflow Expand I ll Solving Sexual Troubles find someone else to cooperate.Kang Shi and Tan Yi may not know, their conversation has long been known by Fang Zhongyu.Fang Zhongyu believed that at least the Daming Harem today would not give too much.

      Why did he leave suddenly and didn t come back to say hello to them The guard who came to report had to tell what had just happened in the hall, and specifically mentioned the last sentence after the emperor s decree.This made them more convinced that Fang Zhongyu really hoped that the court would be better, and that the people would live a good life.Since they are Jinyiwei people, some things may be better than their own.What s more, he has his own ambitions,

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      since he wants to do things better, then all the next things must be done differently than before.

      If this is done, they will be put on the Doctors Guide To 2020 stove to roast, and even have to stay on the shame column of the history book for a lifetime.This also ensures that the entire national treasury is becoming more and more abundant.Fang Zhongyu heard the words and thought of Su Wang, the not so famous prince who had eaten wind and sand in the northwest for many years.They Penis-enlargement products Most Helpful have seen more miracles in the past ten years, knowing that Fang Zhongyu is indeed stronger than them in certain things, so he has to be in Fang Zhong Do more things with more guidance.

      For more people, everything they have experienced is just a respect for what they have experienced before.As for the truth of the matter, there is no way to determine it now, but the corresponding one is Chen Feng, which has entered everyone s eyes.Because there are too many studies, so for the entire empire For officials of the court, this was a disaster, because the emperor s bizarre ideas always affected their judgment.It stands to reason that what he just said in his words is very clear, that is, Fang Zhong is more capable, this ability may threaten the court, and now he is an idol of young officials.

      Because just now he also felt that maybe you still have some other opinions.Fang Zhongyu really likes to use such words to convince others, and often makes others compromise.The more Fang Zhong fears that he is really idle, then there is really nothing to do.At this moment, Wen County Commander was very sure, and the person coming was Jin Yiwei.

      At first, it was because the little master was still young, she was still young, but in the past few years, both of them were older, and the relationship between the little master and him was getting better and better, but the two always treated each other with courtesy.It was very clear that at this time he also understood that what the emperor wanted him to do was very difficult, but Sex Drugs he now thought of a solution that this method was not thought of by others, or that someone thought of it, but was unwilling Do it.The court can now develop to this point, relying on countless people, relying on countless smart people, the more The more intelligent people think about things, they are different from their Penis-enlargement products Most Helpful previous ideas, but this does not affect their possible existence at all.It is precisely because Jin Feng knows this matter, so in this world, although she is very low key, she has a good relationship with Jin Yiwei, which is why he can now appear in Fangfu and Fangzhong more and more brightly.

      At least no one can replace Fang Zhongyu s role so far, so everyone has to think about everything together.It is impossible to make a decision for such a big thing, and no one can know how much risk it will bring, so it is impossible to make a decision on all things in one word.This is not particularly embarrassing in the present Ming Dynasty, because almost everyone knows it.Every time when the dynasty goes up, the ministers can also find that the people around them have changed, and even they will observe the atmosphere in the palace to judge the current state of the emperor.

      Fang Zhongyu is also a very decisive person In this matter, he even said that he was very happy in hiring people, so he quickly made a decision and must visit him in person.In the past, he did indeed show a Confucian temperament, but now it seems that he is more

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      like a general who fought on the battlefield.This is to force him to write to the court and ask the court to abolish his Duke of Yan Sheng, otherwise, how can he be taken over Jin Yiwei is too bullying This is really too bullying.Seeing that Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen had no slight difference, he knew that maybe the emperor had already thought about it, or someone had thought about it for the emperor, his words of coping, after all, these words, regardless Penis Bloodflow Expand of Neither of them nor the others know.

      Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen had some chills, he did not want to test these people, but these people made a choice with their own behavior.He has got the news that he was able to do this thing to the point where he is now.After we settle down for a period of time, your Majesty can go out of Beijing and tour the world.So these young people Penis-enlargement products Most Helpful will be particularly stressed when they are Penis-enlargement products Most Helpful with him, of course their age is not How many gaps.

      It can even be said that the internal care for them is still very Penis Bloodflow Expand good.If one day you can take a higher position, if one day you become a decision maker.Because as long as there is someone who thinks Fang Zhonghe is better, then there will be a group of people who think Fang Zhonghe is better.

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