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      Zhong Yu knows that his father is worried about Fang Xiaoru as the leader of the Jiangnan gentry.If the things The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick are done well, they will naturally be promoted or even rewarded, and then others will come.Chapter 0631 is likely to be good or bad One thing has both good and bad aspects, which is known to many people, and now this theory is being widely publicized.But it does not matter, at least Zhongyu will not care that the people The Secret Of The Ultimate Large Fat Dick discuss this matter, and there is no way to talk about it, as long as they do not do anything Other things are not important, not to mention that Jin Yiwei s reputation is quite good now, and the Ming Ming Xun Zhi Bao has done a good job.Appeared, that is to say, to help them get more important information, or even to attract a batch of talents, but whether these batches of talents will eventually be used by them depends on how much chips they can afford.

      The Ministry of Industry Shangshu Zheng Ci said, it is not simple, he is in time.Fang Zhongyu knows better than anyone, how can others be remembered, and how can one keep one s status for a long time Without saying anything else, the most important day is to make others feel useful and bring benefits to others.For these things, Fang Zhongyuyun currently has no energy in the court, nor the ability to prevent these things from happening.Emperor Zhu Yun s previous consideration may be because of the role of Fang Xiaoru and He Fangzhongyu in this matter, so Fang Xiaoru came to talk with Yan Wang Zhu Di.

      With the seeds of hope, life will be happier, or there will be pursuits, so that you can seize the time in the follow up time.Since Emperor Zhu Yun wanted to add a new department, Zhong Yu accepted it with a lot of things to do.There are many reasons for this, but his most serious fatal weakness was that the court had no idea of sea power at that time.Some things are not too complicated for the sun, but it is difficult to add things since ancient times.

      No one can escape i, even if he is indulging himself, don t these livelihoods benefit him Therefore, this move of Emperor Jian can be said to allow more people to see the opportunity.So those people are only short lived, and after hesitation, they decided to let the people in the department hurry to learn more.Brother Li went to the north, the north, and I don t know where it is now, but news will always come back after a while.Although it is a new department, although it really does

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      require supervision, it can be imagined that the burden of taking on this burden is so great today.

      Now it is easy to make great contributions in this war, and start to train new troops, naturally it is gained, the more benefits, the better, these people are not fools, although on the surface they seem busy, but who is What about real fools How much is just a little honest.They were not clear, but they were particularly curious, but no one asked.Since Changxing Hou Geng s loyalty to the Ming Dynasty, he will also be loyal to the great grandson Gao Emperor s descendants.After all, the things that were proposed by Zhongyu in the Natural Aphrodisiacs beginning were basically taken in one stroke without too much in depth description.

      Fang Zhong smiled more, secretly secretly, this young man Rhino Male Really Work Natural Aphrodisiacs was interesting.They knew very well that since Fang Zhong went to see several supervisory officials, the power of the inspectorate, which became the master of the police station, became more and more powerful.Therefore, these regulations are being adjusted constantly and rapidly.The second thing is to make all the spies act and stare at the people who came out of the court of the capital and the major government offices.

      In fact, he also knows that there are still many people in the capital, not just him.Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen had actually watched it for a long time, but he did not feel the slightest sleepiness.All this is the glory of the holiday, so no matter what Wang Yanlin said, he will be considered Chen.Of course, it also depends on the fact that when the war was rebelled, Fang Zhong more and more sent those people to Jinchi, which is to let more people see the cruelty of the war.

      Seeing what the emperor meant, this thing had to be done, and it had to Natural Aphrodisiacs be done immediately.Tekken really wanted to know what Fang Zhongyu had said to Yan Wang Zhu Di, so that she could come to Jinshi willingly.Baby, all I have to do now is hope that the court can develop better and the people can have a better life.If it can support the merchants to do such a thing, they will naturally have a share of profits and will work hard.

      The common people can also use it Yes, Your Majesty, in fact, as long as the production of these equipments is unified, and then the operation instructions are posted, it is very

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      easy to promote it, but now the common people are still relatively poor, maybe You can t afford these devices, so the first thing you need to do is to let the people have money.Chapter 0644 When there is too much talk in the army, there are often too many times, not because we decide what we How Much Length Does Penis Pills Grow can do, but because of the general trend, we have to do it.At this time, all they have to do is to go out, injustice, help Yan Wang, Zhongshan to rise again, and then be the servant of the dragon.Because there are too many people involved, he can t affect too many people because of his own willfulness.

      Chapter 0598 is the sequelae of eating, drinking and playing throughout the human life.After all, he was a royal middleman, How Much Length Does Penis Pills Grow but the two younger brothers did not have such an identity and status.Later generations respected his loyalty and unyielding and established Tie Gong Temple in various places to commemorate him.How about the editor in chief What does your majesty say Everyone tweeted, but everyone expressed Natural Aphrodisiacs the same meaning, On Sale that is, the editor in chief, can you now be How Much Length Does Penis Pills Grow the minister of the propaganda department of the court For them, of course, the ship is rising.

      Zhong Yu once told him that only people with more food can make more people change in different industries.If some people do not perform well on the spot, then he will naturally You can t get a high score, which is also one of the factors, so it s best to ensure that everyone can play perfectly at this time.The minister seconded that His Majesty Daming Jiangshan is the world of the Zhu family after all.Who knew he stopped in Zhenjiang House again It just depends on not leaving.

      After all, they still need a lot of cultural people in the new army, and those rich and wealthy children are born, It is because they have received a good education since childhood.Although there are some discrepancies in the etiquette, Fang Xiaoru has not rushed over, so this situation is also okay.Wei Guogong and Xu Huizu didn t work to help him say anything at this time.

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