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Corrigendum 2 for for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of OLTs

Expires On: 2022-05-19

Posted On:2022-05-16

RfP for Supply installation and maintenance of OLTs

Expires On: 2022-05-10

Posted On:2022-04-26

RfP for Supply of Accessories for OPGW Migration

Expires On: 2021-11-11

Posted On:2021-10-27

Selection of Agency for Supply of GPON Enterprise CPE Boxes

Expires On: 2021-11-08

Posted On:2021-09-21

Request for Proposal for supply of 2F cable Pole Accessories

Expires On: 2021-08-23

Posted On:2021-08-13

RFP for supply of Universal Pole Accessories and Joint Enclosures

Expires On: 2021-03-16

Posted On:2021-03-09

EOI for conducting Secretarial Audit

Expires On: 2021-03-15

Posted On:2021-02-23

Corrigendum 1 for supply of 2F ADSS cable  on rate contract

Expires On: 2021-01-25

Posted On:2021-01-19

Clarfications for supply of 24F ADSS cable on rate contract.

Expires On: 2021-01-23

Posted On:2021-01-19

Request for quotaions for supply of tools for laying OFC

Expires On: 2020-12-03

Posted On:2020-11-25

Request for Quotations for supply of OTDR Machines

Expires On: 2020-12-02

Posted On:2020-11-24

Request for Quotation for supply of Splicing Machines

Expires On: 2020-12-01

Posted On:2020-11-23

LCOs MSOs meeting schedule

Expires On: 2020-10-19

Posted On:2020-10-19

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